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  • Web Design

    Web Design
    Web Design Services

    Service Overview

    Apixy Infotech is a full-service Web Design Company committed to the triumph of its customers. We've served over local & internatinal customers both large and small. Our solutions are engineered to offer growth where it matters most: customers, profits, & bottom line.

    Through the concrete business intellect, improvement, and specialized way, we assist our customers in branding their company & products. Web Development Services go far ahead of web design and development to give all business the controller to control their online opportunities for years to come. When Web Development Services are done right, there is nothing like the Web to draw alertness, connect with potential customers, and succeed in getting new orders.

  • Web Hosting

    Web Hosting
    Web Hosting

    Service Provide

    Linux Hosting
    Shared Hosting
    Reseller Hosting
    Master Reseller
    Alpha Reseller

    Windows Hosting
    Shared Hosting
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    E-mail Hosting
    E-mail Hosting

  • Software Development

    Software Development
    Software Development

    Service Provide

    Web Development embedded in knowledge, verification, and outcome
    Our developers have worked on many Web Design projects. The company employees have years of knowledge in planning, tactical strategies, usability and technology. Design decisions are based on verification and the outcome of what really works for a website.

    Web Development Depends on product and Customers Goals
    Web development with usability, tactical strategies, and SEO services optimization in mind is vital; but further analysis is needed. Understanding customers' goals and how a product will be applied to a website is also significant for ensuring website visitors turn into leads and results in a profitable transaction for companies.

    Enhanced Branding, Enhanced outcome
    Apixy Infotech begins the design process with the customers design resources. When those resources need to be fashioned or modernized, we work with branding associates to offer brand strategy services. We have a long history of working with several customers and we plan to continue those partnerships.
    Our tight-knit teams of web experts have worked with some of the leading organizations. We deliver attractive, custom websites that are vigorous and user-friendly. We are a Web Development Delhi company for all your high-end website requirements, as well as graphic design, web improvement, eCommerce websites, online advertising and managed hosting.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing

    Boost Your Business with Excellent Internet Marketing
    Are you getting visitors to your site but never gain any customer? Maybe you're not making a good enough impression on your website. The Apixy Infotech's SEO services in Delhi are proven to be efficient in improving online marketing. Over the years, Apixy Infotech has come up with highly effective strategies in internet marketing that invites not only website visitors but actually customers.
    When aiming for internet marketing success, a company has to make its website work harder. Aside from designing a website well, internet marketing strategies should be strengthened as well. A Smart SEO technique would get your business website on top of search engine results. This can be improved using the Apixy Infotech's effective Link Building services in Delhi. This technique optimizes website and online content through the use of keywords and back links.
    Another great way to improve internet marketing is to make use of email. Companies reach out to their customers and introduce their brands and make it known to many. This is email marketing, targeting highly potential customers to avail of the products offered. When email marketing was solely done using a computer back then, but mobile applications that allow for these strategies to work makes email marketing more applicable.
    The Apixy Infotech's top rank strategies in internet marketing also make use of the power of multimedia. With social media being in a continuously improving platform, it allows businesses to actually spread single company information without needing to spend too much. The use of social media is simply the digital version of the "word of mouth" in this generation. The Apixy Infotech strategically makes use of the opportunity to reach out to customers easily and therefore increase visibility of a company's website.
    Aside from getting a lot of visitors to the website, a business is after a good amount of sales from the business' internet visibility. Most businesses opt to outsource web development and internet marketing services. With internet marketing mainly needed to attract consumers and increase visibility, the right strategies should be completed to ensure positive results. This is an area specialized by the Apixy Infotech with utmost professionalism and excellence.

  • E-commerce


    E-Commerce Portal- The Future Of Online Business
    E-Commerce Portal has become an important aspect of every e-Commerce investment which is why a lot of websites are making use of it. If you are in India and have a commercial website, the use of Low Power Linux Server is definitely going to be one tool you need. However, you may not be able to get this server without the support of www.apixyinfotech.com The online shop has become complex and easier to make use of because of the use of portal. It does not really take time for a shopper online to buy or transact business because of the presence of a portal that is simple and friendly to make use of.
    A website that does not have a friendly portal may find it difficult to maintain customers or even convince them to make a purchase. This is the reason why Website development company in Delhi can help websites turn to be a world class ecommerce site. The use of e-commercial portal has become useful in reducing the operational cost and also helping in giving a website profit at the end of a transaction. And because of this, it is virtually impossible to operate an e-commercial site without the use of an effective portal service.
    If you need to get your ecommerce website started, why not start with making use of Software Development Company in Delhi? This is the first stage to begin your online business transaction. And when you are able to get a service of a software developer who would get your ecommerce site moving without a hitch, you have more money to make. There is no need worrying over payment or managing your site because you were not able to install a portal that is effective.
    When you browse through world class commercial sites like eBay, what you notice is how smooth business and acquiring information can be online. And this is what would be replicated to you if you can make use of the services from professionals who are in India. These sites have professionals who would go every step with you in getting the best from the online sites.

  • Domain Forwarding

    Domain Forwarding
    Domain Forwarding

    Service Provide

    Domain Forwarding.

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